Welcome back, Floyd!

Cycling News has reported rumors that Floyd Landis will make his return to cycling on the Health Net-Maxxis team. Finally! He’s back!

Whether he doped or not is almost irrelevant now. The fact is that his suspension is over. Like a man freed from prison, he has every right to have a chance to rebuild his life and career. Even thugs, murders, and rapists have this opportunity given to them after serving something like a 25 year prison sentence. David Millar came back from a suspension and so did Tyler Hamilton. Think back further to Richard Virenque and even Marco Pantani. Now there’s a huge difference between all of their behavior – everything from flat out denial to full confessions – and that goes a long way in setting our perceptions.

I have to admit that I am biased towards Landis. He seems like a decent guy. Who can forget his memorable stage 17 victory? Who can forget that fist pumping as he crossed the finish line? Just look at that “Praying Landis” position.

One of the most innovative TT positions in recent times, it was banned by the UCI.

One of the most innovative TT positions in recent times, it was banned by the UCI.

Personally, I don’t think he doped and I think he got caught up in the system. We put so much hope and trust in a science that is too new. Pridefully, our humanist tendancies push us to claim that we know so much about the human body but in reality we know so little. If we really did know as much we claim we do then we would have more cures for terrible diseases things like cancer and AIDS. Couple that with the poor handling of the test samples and you have a bad pot of soup. His story is well known and I don’t intend to go over it here.

All I want to do is encourage someone making a comeback. Granted, he may never race the TdF again. The ToC and TdG is probably all he can hope for, and maybe a US champion title – and maybe that is good enough. He can be a good force for the US cycling scene as long as he goes on a huge winning spree. He’s only 32 which gives him at least another five or six years of racing.

Only Landis, God, and few other people in the world really know whether Landis doped. All we can do is guess which isn’t very productive. However, we can all welcome back a talented rider back into the fold. The last thing we need is another suicide case of a professional cyclist.

Welcome back, Floyd. Now go kick someone in the ass. Hard.


5 Responses to “Welcome back, Floyd!”

  1. i wasnt going to comment but your blog rocks.. post more on health please

  2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/other_sports/cycling/8694452.stm

    now not only God, Landis and a few other people know…come on, you were too generous. I’d like to be dreamer (illusion is good) like you are. I am “that generous” with non-caught cyclists…What you said about “poor handled tests” etc sincerely is too much, don’t you think? And am really sorry thinking like that, but unfortunately reality is worst than a cycling fan like me would thinks or hopes it might be.

  3. Yeah. Welcome back Floyd. Swindler had me believing he was innocent and I “donated” a few hundred $$$’s for his so-called “defense fund”. Then he tells the truth and admits to doping. Yeah, such an honest upstanding adult is Mr. Landis. I hope he finds a nice rock to crawl under and live out the rest of his pathetic little life.

    • I agree that Floyd needs to do some serious hiding under a rock for now. There’s always a chance for redemption. David Millar found it. Floyd may find it too but I don’t know what it would be.

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